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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour Home Page for
Bill Miller........Begins May 20th
Beware of old feelings
The Trigger
This trip was triggered by a trip to Brazil.   While visiting
my younger brother and commuting to and from a
pausada (a Bread and Breakfast) and a village via
bicycle I encountered patches that took control of the
bike steering and reminded me of riding through the
gravel pits behind our house growing up in Westen NY.   
It also reminded me of when I would tell people I was
going to  ride my bike across the United States one day   
..............  30 years later one day came along.

The devil is in the detail and prep
The research began with the bike decision.   I spent a
very good portion of 2 weeks researching bikes.  Given
the cross country criteria that was involved the bike that
kept on being identified was the Specialized Sequoia
Expert.  The people at
Richardson Bike Mart were the
most informative and easy people to talk with, so they
got my business.  Within an hour of my purchase I was
hit by a car and the people at
Richardson Bike Mart were
again very helpful with the replacement.   Physically, I
think I am in pretty good shape having lost only about
25% of my fitness since running some marathons.   
What was needed was the muscle specific conditioning
for staying on a bike for 6-8 hours a day.
Getting some of the gear together....and oh
yeah, the bike
Bike Info:
Specialized Sequoia Expert
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